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Wyoming - Smart Meter Deployment


Advanced metering technologies (AMI) or “smart meters” are meters or a system of meters that transmit energy use information from residential or commercial customers in various time increments, or resolutions, from minutes to hours. More data transmission is a higher resolution. The higher the resolution of the data the more valuable the information is to the customer or the utility. High resolution data from AMI meters enable utilities and third party providers to gather energy usage trends, identify outages, and implement and track energy efficiency practices all without having physically go to a site to read a meter thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing cost. The dynamic nature of the data allows for dynamic rate structures that can send pricing signals to customers to promote particular energy practices that are desirable to the utility or the public. It also allows third parties to market energy information and management services to customers if policies are in place to support such a market. For more information, see the full policy brief.

For more information on the components of the policy see the full policy brief.

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