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Kentucky - Grid Modernization Plan


The electric grid is a complex system of generation, transmission, distribution, and demand. Not only is this infrastructure aging, recent advances in technology mean that the electric industry is undergoing a major shift in the manner in which electricity is produced, delivered, and used. High quality and reliable electricity is required to support the transition to a digital economy. Emerging physical and cyber security threats, along with increased demand for faster outage response times, require, at minimum, real-time incident response capabilities. Enabling the integration of energy efficient technologies and practices, clean energy technologies like distributed and utility-scale renewable energy resources, and electric vehicles, while also ensuring the adoption of advanced metering, energy storage, and micro-grid technologies, modernizing our electric system will provide economic benefits, increased security, and more reliable, resilient, and clean electricity. However, this next level of innovation requires a large investment in improving grid technology: The electric utility grid is one of the last components of our society without robust digital data capabilities. For more information, see the full policy brief.

For more information on the components of the policy see the full policy brief.

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