Policy Profile

State Energy / Climate Plan

Policy description:

State energy plans (SEPs) are developed in order to provide guidance for meeting current and future energy needs sustainably, reliably, and cost-effectively. While the motivations for developing a SEP are likely to vary across states, most state plans address emerging environmental and energy security concerns. These two sources of motivations are most obvious in the use of Climate Action Plans (CAPs), which typically address strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapt to climate change, and can include cross-sector or economy wide policy recommendations. In many states, CAPs also serve as SEPs. For more information, see the full policy brief.

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  1. Does the state have an energy plan?
  2. Does the energy plan cover multiple sectors?
  3. Does the plan provide for tracking and/or reporting protocols for state agencies?
  4. Is there a set schedule for plan updates?
  5. Does the plan address GHG emissions or does the state have a climate action plan?