Policy Profile

On-bill Financing / On-bill Repayment

Policy description:

Overcoming the upfront cost barrier is arguably the biggest challenge to clean energy deployment at the consumer level. Financing is key. On-Bill Repayment (OBR) and On-Bill Financing (OBF) are mechanisms for financing residential and small commercial clean energy technologies in buildings. Financing can come from the utility (OBF), or through a private entity to be repaid through the utility bill (OBR). In either case, the customer’s costs of retrofits or equipment are amortized and combined with savings from the measures on the utility bill. For more information, see the full policy brief.

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  1. Does a program exist?
  2. Are utilities required to offer on-bill financing or repayment?
  3. Are third party providers allowed to administer a program?
  4. Is more than one sector (residential, commercial, etc) allowed to participate?