Policy Profile

Distributed Generation / Solar Carve-out

Policy description:

While Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPSs) require a specific percentage of utility sales or a specific megawatt hour (MWh) capacity to be provided by renewable resources by a specific date, many times these standards do not advance solar, distributed, or customer-sited renewable resources. As a result, many states have implemented legislation to carve-out a percentage of their generation for distributed generation (DG). DG carve-outs have also been used as a component of RPS to advance DG with or without specifying a technology (like solar, for example). For more information, see the full policy brief.

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  1. Does the state's portfolio standard include a carve-out?
  2. Does the state's carve-out include interim targets?
  3. Does the carve-out include multiple renewable energy resources?
  4. Does policy apply to other types of utilities besides investor-owned utilities?
  5. Does the state's carve-out apply to more than one customer class, or are there kW (system size) tiers?