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Advanced Vehicle Incentives

Policy description:

One of the most important barriers to increased adoption of alternative-fueled vehicles (AFVs) is their sometimes higher up-front cost as compared to a similar conventionally fueled vehicle. Also, because they are new and operate differently from conventional vehicles, many consumers are hesitant to spend the substantial upfront money required to purchase one when they can stay with something they know and are used to. Consumer anxiety about these costs can be ameliorated through a range of state policies that provide financial incentives for the purchase of AFVs. Incentives can also be employed to support the conversion of existing vehicles to alternative fuels. Increasing AFV adoption may also be spurred by ensuring that the use of an AFV is as or more convenient than the use of a conventional vehicle. State programs that provide other types of incentives aim to make AFV ownership more attractive. For more information, see the full policy brief.

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  1. Does the state offer loans?
  2. Does the state offer a rebate program?
  3. Does the state offer a tax credit?
  4. Does the state offer any other type of incentive?
  5. Do the top three utilities in the state offer any type of incentive?